&Daughter is a London-based clothing brand launched seven years ago by Buffy Reid and her father. The brand specializes in quality knitwear made with good quality yarn, something Reid believes is essential but often overlooked in fast fashion. The father and daughter team initially launched with a line of jumpers and cardigans and has since expanded to feminine and prairie-style dresses made with organic cotton, fine-line linen, and organic hemp. Reid serves as the brand's designer while her father works with yarn and fabric suppliers, handling production and sales. &Daughter's clothing is popular among slow fashion enthusiasts who prioritize quality design over principles.

  • 360 SWEATER

    360SWEATER is the story of the Gifford family. All were born into fashion and share a passion for the industry that surrounds it. The family team launched the contemporary knitwear brand in 2009 after selling their successful SWEATER.COM business in 2006. Their New York upbringing and West Coast lifestyle inspires their love and passion for creating casual yet dramatic luxury knitwear. They also bring generations of knowledge about global sourcing and fashion marketing to create an exciting brand that is unique in the marketplace.


    I started with the desire to tell a story and now, after years of discovering fabrics and processes, I am passionate about it every day”. Alessandro Aste is a clothing brand specializing in the production of knitwear in pure cashmere, wool, linen and fine cottons. For the production of his cashmere Alessandro Aste has selected in Nepal small family-run manufacturing companies.

  • AlYKI

    Tradition, passion and family heritage are all essential to ALYKI Cashmere, the new brand of knitwear in cashmere and natural fibres, designed and created by Luisa De Palma. After having worked in design and production for leading fashion houses, Luisa decided to embark on a project of her own by creating ALYKI. The acronym refers to an amulet and contains the idea of preciousness and love.


    Amazuìn is a swimwear collection specially designed for a contemporary and dynamic woman who loves to travel as much as her own life. Amazuìn swimsuits respond to both needs aesthetics and practicality, the fabric used has been meticulously selected for the summer season, light and comfortable, ultra-rapid drying, highly elastic and non-deformable…able to embrace your sensual body in a uniform way. 100% made in Italy and fruit of artisanal craftsmanship, Amazuìn collections are synonymous with quality and reliability. Amazuìn swimwear is not only a swimsuit but an essential item of your wardrobe that can be worn for almost any occasion during your summer to characterize your look. Thanks to its charming and casual style Amazuìn swimwear will be more than an unusual garment to wear…it will be your best summer partner to be truly yourself.


    Anneclaire is an expression of love for detail, for the highest quality materials, workmanship, always expressed love for elegance with grace and class. ANNECLAIRE is born with this philosophy, with this dual soul called even in the name for a woman who wants to feel perfectly at ease in the important events, in the most elegant soiree, yet still want to dress up every day with high quality that exalt their femininity and the pleasure of being woman every day.


    ANTIK BATIK is a French fashion brand founded in 1992 by Gabriella Cortese. From the beginning, she has cultivated an extremely authentic bohemian chic style. Natural materials combine with an amalgam of artistic influences, while embroidery and patterns combine to embody the dandy elegance of a globetrotting woman. “I want to invent a wardrobe that helps to remember the most beautiful moments of a traveler who has visited the whole world, just as, with the clothes she wore on her terrace, the most precious moments of her childhood or the holidays come back to her mind wilder."


    APUNTOB hails from Rome, and is designed by Barbara Garofalo who creates with the philosophy “the goal is not to dress, but to live”. Every piece embraces an effortless simplicity, with a focus on form and fabric, and care and precision is placed in all phases from design to construction.


    Aragona more ply cashmere is a fashion project that combines the sophistication of Italian style with over 50 years of experience in the textile industry. Aragona selects raw Cashmere and spins it into a precious thread using combing and carding techniques. The production process is short, artisanal, entirely based in Italy. The style emphasizes volume and shape, with careful attention to color combinations for a touch of glamour. The product is the priority.

  • ARCH4

    Arch4 Cashmere is a luxury fashion label that specializes in sustainable, chic, and timeless cashmere products. They use innovative techniques and expert craftsmanship to create unique, high-quality cashmere products, all while being socially and environmentally responsible. Their inspiration comes from architectural textures and nature's color palette. They are GOTS certified and committed to using the best practices and highest standards in environmental protection and animal welfare.


    Tradition, rigor and constant stylistic research: these are the principles that embody the timeless style of Aspesi, a brand that has written its history through minimal and sophisticated collections. The company, founded in Legnano by Alberto Aspesi in 1969 (at the time it was called D-Camiceria by Alberto Aspesi) and always specialized in the production of shirts, over the years has grown to establish itself as one of the most important brands in the world of informal clothing, known and appreciated for the use of exclusive and avant-garde fabrics, as shown by the advertising campaigns taken already in the 1980s by Peter Lindbergh and with supermodels as Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington.


    Pieces are arranged to create infinite versatile shapes in this bag brand with an innovative concept and production method. With a triangular structure, the pieces change flat surfaces into three-dimensional ones, creating a new form. This brand brings serendipitous beauty, fun and surprises to the user, along with a practicality that makes these bags suitable for all kinds of settings in your daily life. The line was launched under PLEATS PLEASE ISSEY MIYAKE in 2000 before becoming its own brand from the AUTUMN WINTER 2010 collection. The brand carries out ongoing research to explore new possibilities from a unique engineering-based approach.

  • BASE

    Purity as a core value and a creative concept, that brings the Collection into a de ned identity. The purity of lines, in the material and volumes designs a minimal look, chic and contemporary. A luxury sportswear that encloses in his soul an urban spirit that blends with tradition. The guarantee of a 100% made in Italy, observed in all processes from the creative to the production, reveals the excellence of the nished garment.

  • By Walid

    Established in 2011, founder Walid Damirji creates modern silhouettes for men and women using antique textiles that are entirely sustainable. His philosophy around the ‘luxury of zero waste’ means his couture, one-of-a-kind, pieces extend beyond fashion into the home with covetable creations such as 18th century quilts, embroidered cushions and sculptured heads.

  • CAHU

    CAHU, an innovative bag brand, is the brainchild of Clémence Cahu. Raised in Normandy in the late 1980s, Clémence graduated from the Atelier Chardon Savard fashion school in Paris and has been a stylist and art director for over a decade. Despite her collaborations with prestigious magazines and fashion houses, she felt the absence of a versatile bag suitable for all occasions. Inspiration struck with the PVC canvas of inflatable structures from her family's factory in Normandy, which Clémence transformed into the signature material of her bags. With CAHU, Clémence blends elements of her past with her current vision, creating beautiful and practical bags, also inspired by her family history.


    Casey Casey is a French fashion house founded in 2008 by Gareth Casey, an autodidact and playful "maker of things" who follows his own creative instincts. The brand's goal is to transform the everyday into something that nourishes the soul and awakens the senses. They strive for beauty in the everyday and work from their Parisian atelier-workshop, crafting their pieces with technicity, artistry, and panache. Despite deliberately working under the radar, Casey Casey has built a loyal following who share their values. Now, the brand desires to broaden their horizons and introduce themselves to a wider audience.

  • Closed

    Closed is a fashion brand known for its innovation and quality, emphasizing contemporary style and attention to detail. It merges modern design with traditional craftsmanship, especially renowned for perfectly tailored staples like jeans, crafted using sustainable practices. Their philosophy prioritizes sustainability, choosing eco-friendly materials, and responsible manufacturing.


    Esteemed Belgian-born knitwear designer Diane De Clercq crafts her sweaters, scarves, and knitted accessories for her eponymous line with hiqh quality yarns that are colored in-house and made by skilled artisans in her adopted home of Rome, Italy. Look for her one-of-a-kind, geometric, colorful knitwear pieces to uniquely accent any outfit.


    Belgian-based Craig Wright’s launched his accessories label Dragon Diffusion in 1985, crafting timeless leather totes handwoven by master artisans in India with traditional weaving techniques. Experiencing a resurgence in popularity thanks to celebrity fans like Jeanne Damas and Ashley Olson, these classic bags are perfect for the beach, travel, or work and age beautifully due to a natural patina.

  • EKA

    Eka is Indian designer Rina Singh’s sustainable clothing label. Synonymous with everyday luxury, Eka offers staples for women and men made from natural, breathable, hand-woven fabrics. Stylish yet comfortable, Eka clothing is defined by loose silhouettes and subtle prints.


    From its founding 1976 salon in Paris, Equipment fuses unparalleled French sophistication with an air of effortlessly chic style. Staying true to its heritage, the new Equipment collection recalls the classic, nonchalantly European undertones of the illustrious brand. Timeless and innovative, the collection exudes discreet sexiness in the form of luxe fabrics and unexpected details found in modern, androgynous silhouettes.


    At the core of the f cashmere brand is a passion for cashmere and fine knitwear, a passion founded in creative intelligence and skill. Embraced by three generations of the Fissore family it continues to breathe life into the unique designs that are forever family, forever cashmere.


    Growth, by programmatic decision, has been slow and organic. Slowness is a quality that forte_forte cultivates with pride. It is the choice to operate on a personal level, far from fashion and closer to style, creating pieces with no expiry date, meant as words of a constantly evolving discourse. Slow is the choice of a business model in which profit comes from quality, from products of real and palpable value and production is carefully controlled. Slow is the choice to open up one step at a time, only and always at the right moment.


    Lines designed for a contemporary woman, colours inspired by nature, amazing materials. Each season is the proof of a dynamic creativity; the taste and the younger style can be found in garments where the leather and the shearling become a light and soft fabric; the plant origin leathers meet the current attentions to ecology.


    Gentryportofino is a luxury cashmere knitwear brand that was relaunched in 2019 under new creative direction. The brand offers high-quality contemporary products and has a strong presence in several international markets, with five monobrand stores in Italy. The brand has recently launched an e-shop to expand its reach.

  • Guanabana

    Guanábana is a Colombian brand known for its unique and colourful accessories, handmade by local artisans. The brand is distinguished by its use of traditional weaving techniques, resulting in bags, bracelets and other accessories with lively and distinctive designs. Each piece is crafted with attention to detail and reflects the rich culture and artisanal heritage of Colombia. Guanábana is committed to supporting local communities by promoting sustainable practices and fair trade.


    The jersey-focused collection, minimal and understated, features unlined and raw-edged outerwear in an effortless take on traditional cuts and shapes. The aim is to create a style that lasts for many years thanks to the fabric longevity, trans-seasonal features and timeless design. Our sustainability process starts by carefully choosing first- hand, high quality fabrics that meet our expectations of sustainable characteristics such as traceability, natural fabrics being AZO and Reach compliant, as well as the capability of being recycled. To further reduce our environmental footprint, we use a digital cutting system allowing maximum efficiency in fabric consumption and reducing the fabric waste. Harris Wharf London only produces to order, meaning there is little leftover stock. Any eventual waste is then sent to a specialized consortium to be recycled into new yarn. Knowing that the fabric leftovers are taken care of in the best possible way through continued life cycle in other sustainable forms is very important to us.


    Hereu is a Spanish brand that makes minimalist shoes and bags for women and men, inspired by the aesthetic of Mediterranean summer. Meaning ‘heir' in Catalan, Hereu blends tradition and modernity. Find raffia baskets, fisherman sandals, braided slingbacks, and net shoulder bags, all crafted by local artisans.


    K. Jacques is a French fashion brand founded by Keklikian Jacques in St. Tropez in 1993. The company is best known for its chic strappy sandals—the epitome of the Riviera's relaxed approach to luxury.


    Kiltie is a women's clothing brand of jackets, trousers and suits with a strong, decisive and self-confident character, inspired by masculine lines but with a charming soul. The Kiltie woman affirms herself on contemporary trends, without giving up her femininity, elegance and sensuality. A classic but contemporary style that does not neglect the passion for glamor, which is indeed the confirmation of an independent and determined personality.

  • L'IDEE

    Established in 2019, L’IDÉE WOMAN is an Australian concept brand, exploring art through pleats and colour. Fascinated by the magic that transpires when light dances on pleats and captivated by the drama of fluidity in motion. Pleating is an art form, where high grade polyesters are manipulated into beautiful folds that are highly functional on the female form.


    Labo.Art is synonymous with sober and minimal elegance. The company’s hallmark is an attentive study of volumes and their role in space expressed through the architectural design of the single piece of clothing. The key words are: constant research. This process regards colours in all their hues, focusing on the reinterpretation of cotton, wool and linen in essential and modern shapes. The collection’s main concept draws from the combination of top-quality materials with clean design, and is inspired by the focal, historical moments of fashion, theatre and cinema. The perfect balance of taste and class creates a unique and easily recognizable style.


    Maison Flâneur is inspired by the concept of "flâneur" from the French poet Charles Baudelaire, signifying a "curious traveler" and "wanderer". The company producing the Maison Flâneur brand is located in a small town in the Veneto region, within the Euganean Hills Natural Park. Here, the "Made in Veneto" concept highlights the staff's expertise in traditional yarn processing on manual looms, resulting in the company's pride: seamless handcrafted knitwear, produced as in the early 20th century. Alongside yarn tradition, there's a focus on timeless outerwear craftsmanship using scissors, needle, and thread. They emphasize eco-sustainability, particularly using eco-cashmere, showing a strong commitment to environmental and animal protection​.


    Martin Margiela’s first taste of working in the fashion industry was in 1984 when he started working at Jean Paul Gaultier as a design assistant. Four years later and the Maison Margiela label launched into the luxury fashion market. Not fulfilled with the pressures of one label, Martin simultaneously becomes womenswear director at Hermes later in 1997. Passionate about the world of fashion as well as challenging social and fashion norms, the Maison Margiela label was first noticed for it’s unorthodox design techniques. Reflecting more of a raw, unfinished and grunge vibe in his collections they stood out amongst a crowded market


    Marc Le Bihan’s designs stand out for their romantic, ethereal appeal. Committed to timelessness and sophistication, the French designer uses fine materials such as lace, silk, and chiffon. Look for asymmetrical cuts and a monochrome color palette.


    “I often wonder: what’s the most respectful way to approach women, to design a womenswear collection? The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that a dress - or a coat, a jacket, a shirt – doesn’t have to overwhelm them, instead, they must walk them through their day. Dressing a woman – putting her in an outfit - can come across as an act of imposition by a designer: I prefer for my clothes to become part of people’s lives, to go places with them, becoming one with their wardrobe and their lives ”


    Maurizio Miri is The eponymous Italian menswear collection by Maurizio Mangano (nicknamed Miri) known for men’s suiting and refined tailoring. Founding his company in 2009, the designer was raised in a family of fashion retailers with a keen eye for bespoke jackets. His line reflects his life-long relationship with men’s garments.

  • MEcanico

    Mecanico Atelier draws inspiration from the classic mechanic, once known for wearing blue overalls and fixing everything from bicycles to refrigerators and toys. This spirit is echoed in their choice of materials: experimental textiles, often with graded colors and unique characteristics. Mecanico transforms these fabrics into comfortable, simple, home-washable clothes that are not overly fashionable. They source from top-notch Italian producers, focusing on dye quality and certification. Each piece is produced in a limited series, sometimes as a unique item, a practice they consider a form of luxury. Additionally, they repurpose already produced fabrics from excellent local Italian manufacturers, avoiding the need for new orders, thus distinguishing themselves from the conventional fashion industry.


    "Every small detail makes a big difference. And every single difference makes a unique perfection. We are all unique. So are our pieces. Slight variations occur from one product to the next. Giving them a unique expression. Thanks to the authentic weavers in Nepal, every piece is a tribute to their tradition."


    Famous for its irreverent disposition, model cult following, and super-soft fabrics, the boutique made-in-L.A. brand is unique for its genius in keeping an indie spirit while still offering fits and washes that appeal to a wide range of people. Guided by spontaneity, MOTHER has grown into a lifestyle brand with 4 yearly collections expanding across denim, sportswear, outerwear and accessories. The brand evokes the memories and experiences of growing up in California in the 70s – what you were wearing, what you were doing and who you were getting in trouble with. It reflects the freedom to be unfiltered, brazen and above all amusing.


    MYTHINKS was founded by a former buyer for a Japanese apparel brand. His 25 years of experience and passion for vintage piece collections inspired the brand. MYTHINKS embodies this ethos, infusing vintage cuts, colors, textiles, and details into modern and technically sophisticated designs.


    Norma Kamali is the eponymous label from the New York-based designer. The women's ready-to-wear collection, outerwear, activewear, swimwear, and accessories all employ the designer's innovative style, cutting-edge designs, and bold looks.


    N_8 collections are entirely designed and tailored in Italy, thus embodying the rich cultural background of the Italian textile and manufacturing tradition


    Oliver Lattughi is a 100% made in Italy knitwear brand. The items in the collection are essential, characterized by the choice of high quality yarns.


    Oyuna is the eponymous label from Mongolian textile designer Oyuna Tserendorj. The luxury knitwear line uses the highest quality fabrics, such as Mongolian cashmere, silk, and cotton, and expert artisans handcraft the designs.


    Panama Route is a brand specialising in unique and sustainable accessories inspired by Panamanian craftsmanship. Founded with the intention of enhancing the local cultural heritage, the brand offers handmade hats and bags using natural materials and ancestral techniques. Each Panama Route product represents a blend of contemporary design and tradition, designed for those seeking exclusive accessories with a strong cultural impact. The brand is committed to supporting artisan communities, promoting ethical and sustainable practices.


    Paul Smith is among the most famous British designers of his generation: he has dressed members of the establishment such as Tony Blair, but also rock stars, actors, businessmen and students of all ages. His style is transversal, hovering between classic tailoring and humour, austerity and colour, Scottish themes and rock notes. He calls it 'classic with a twist'.


    Pierre Hardy is a luxury footwear and accessories label from the French designer. The men's and women's shoe collections feature artful designs, geometric shapes, abstract patterns, and bold contrasting colors.


    QL2 (quelledue means those two in Italian) is a brand founded by two friends that back in 2008 decided to take on a new challenge. By joining forces and putting together their experiences, managerial background and creativity, they created a collection that fully mirrors their concept of luxury as something discrete and timeless. Playing with feminine/masculine dichotomy, QL2 reinvents pants and other wardrobe essentials granting a unique and natural elegance. The QL2 collection expresses the utmost respect for the environment and for man, using the best materials and skilful Italian craftsmanship.


    RE/DONE is a denim brand focusing on individuality and responsible innovation, reworking vintage pieces into limited luxury designs. Established in Los Angeles in 2014, it is committed to sustainability and circular fashion, collaborating with historic brands like Levi's.


    Samantha Sung is the eponymous label from the Korean designer. The women's collection of dresses, skirts, cardigans, and coats features an array of romantic motifs, vibrant colors, and delicate details.


    “SAVERIO PALATELLA” an eclectic and lucid, Milan based fashion designer who expresses himself through knitwear and has opulence of style and design. Saverio’s fashion career began in early 1980’s when he attended the international fashion design school Ecole Berçot, in Paris. He is one of the most respected knitwear experts and is recognised by the fashion press and buyers for the transformation of knitwear from “accessory” to ready-to-wear garment and tricot couture.


    Minimalistic, clean, and pure. These words are often used to describe her designs. Sofie D’Hoore appears to be delivering exactly what today’s women want: comfort, simplicity, and modernity. “The style of the collection is feminine and elegant, but understated and powerful. Simple. Which isn’t to say that my designs are simple; I work very hard on my patterns and my cuts are carefully composed. I try to create unique volumes in a lovely fabric, and then the garment has to speak for itself.”


    Studio Nicholson is the brainchild of British designer Nick Wakeman. The label draws inspiration from Japanese culture and architecture, offering structured garments for women and men. Timeless and sophisticated, Studio Nicholson pieces are must-haves for the ultimate capsule wardrobe.


    Tanaka is a New York-based clothing label founded in 2017 by Sayori Tanaka. With previous design experience at the likes of Yohji Yamamoto and UNIQLO, Tanaka founded her eponymous brand to go beyond time and gender—creating clothes that are universal and sustainable. Sourced from the finest raw materials and produced at the highest quality possible, Tanaka offers basics that will last a lifetime.

  • TC0

    SHIRT c-ZERO is a Milan-based brand specializing in the creation of silk and jersey garments. SHIRT c-ZERO's design focuses on simplicity, durability and product quality, making them the cornerstones of the collection. The artisanal dyes, packaging and fabrics are all made in Italy


    Twenty years ago, a pair of pants changed the way American women dress. Recognizing the need for clothes that felt great and fit perfectly, we developed an innovative stretch fabric that would dramatically improve a pant’s performance. These pants had the power to make women feel confident, smart, and stylish. Never before had American sportswear been so easy to wear to work and everywhere else. When Theory for men was established, similar foundation principles were used, so that they, too, could get dressed in innovative, highly functional, and stylish clothes.


    UTZON, established in 1990 by Pernille Utzon, redefines the elegance of natural skins with an informal approach, refining what nature has already beautifully created. The brand, which values the traditional art of furrier craft, produces most of its collection in Denmark, Istanbul, and Hong Kong, ensuring each piece is handmade under proper conditions. UTZON's commitment to sustainability and social responsibility is reflected in its use of durable, recyclable, and biodegradable natural skins. The company places great emphasis on the origin of products, sustainable production, and environmental impact, considering these aspects as important as aesthetics. Renowned worldwide for its high-quality selection, UTZON sources primarily European natural skins, with its shearling, kid/goat, and lambskin products achieving REACH certification, ensuring minimal use of harmful substances in dyeing.


    It began in 1997 as an aspiration to create fashion forward tee shirts that embodied the laid-back luxe of LA style. Today it has evolved into full collections recognized for their meticulously crafted, clean elevated staples. Helmed by Creative Director Jenny Graham, the collections are created using only the finest fabrics and are manufactured primarily in the United States. Velvet by Graham & Spencer can be found in boutiques and premiere department stores nationwide and internationally.


    Vis Ā Vis is a Korean line of luxury apparel founded by Yon Hui Choi. The collection defies trends and seasons, with durable, high-quality wardrobe staples and timeless basics that are wearable, practical, and functional.


    Functional and dignified everyday wear--within a unique category established by itself, the Y's collection is shaped by universal values and unique pattern-making.With especial particularity regarding cutting and silhouettes, Yohji Yamamoto utilizes the texture of fabrics, undertaking clothes-making that carefully values the feelings of airiness, volume, and balance that is created between the wearer's body and clothing items by the clothing being worn.

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